Welcome To TAIFUDO

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Welcome To TAI FU DO
What is Tai Fu Do? It could more appropriately be said “what isn’t Tai Fu Do?” First and foremost, it must be made clear that Tai Fu Do is not a new martial art. The word Tai Fu Do refers to two things: in one context it refers to the self-defence system developed and created by Ajarn (teacher) Chiwin. The second, more encompassing definition is reference to the Tai Fu Do Academy, a venue for the consolidation and preservation of knowledge from a wide palette of sources from within the vast martial arts realm.

TAI FU DO Self-Defence
Tai Fu Do as a self-defence system refers to a curriculum devised by Ajarn Chiwin, and is drawn from his deep knowledge in a broad spectrum of martial arts. The focus is on practicality and applicability in multiple situations. Natural movement and realistic self-defence techniques are utilized to counter dangerous situations commonly encountered in today’s social environment. The techniques were created with both non-life threatening and dire situations in mind. The first stages of Tai Fu Do work on strengthening the body through drills and exercise. Today’s lifestyles, replete with modern conveniences, have weakened the average person’s constitution. Once the body has a strong foundation, one is ready to receive more advanced techniques derived from traditional styles of martial arts. This includes locking, striking, throwing, grappling, forms, push-hands, and weapons.

TAI FU DO Academy
Tai Fu Do Academy’s repertoire includes Chinese arts (Kung Fu and Tai Chi), Thai arts (various styles of traditional Muay Thai), as well as Japanese and Korean arts, all of which employ both unarmed and weapon training. These arts are taught in their traditional forms, with a myriad of applications. In this way, Tai Fu Do strives to preserve the roots (forms) of martial arts while growing the branches (techniques), so that the art will neither become outdated nor change its essence, remaining an interesting and practical art in the face of today’s every evolving social circumstances.

Ajarn Chiwin hopes for this Academy to become a “library” to safe-keep martial arts of whatever style or status, as well as a venue for others to share knowledge and experience. As less-commercial martial arts knowledge can be in danger of dying along with the Master, this nucleus of accumulated knowledge will aim to prevent this from occurring. Knowing the mindset and thinking of the original teachers is crucial for proper understanding. In sum, it can be said that Tai Fu Do is not a style, but a martial art way.


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ความหมาย…ไทฟูโด (TaiFuDo)

ไท หมายถึง สภาวะการณ์, ความเป็นอิสระ, ปรัชญาอันสูงสุดในด้านจิตใจ หมายถึง ความหนักแน่นเป็นกลาง ฟู มาจ

Course TaiFuDo

Taifudo academy Course: Taifudo (3-6 year) โรงเรียนศิลปศาสตร์การป้องกันตัวไทยหัตถยุทธ(รับรองหลักสูตร

Course Tai Chi

Taifudo academy Course: Taifudo (3-6 year) โรงเรียนศิลปศาสตร์การป้องกันตัวไทยหัตถยุทธ(รับรองหลักสูตร

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